Jerry Mander – Practice Has Begun In Mexico Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Hat tip: “Unkle Jerry”

6ueVt3I - Imgur.gif






Sanctuary Cities


Fight and destroy the left



Trump-fixing-what Obama-broke

Trump congratualated Putin



PETA-mass shootings

youtube shooter

For the Children



Planned Parenthood-NRA


A Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party:

Criminal Organization


nancy p. Lousy-San Francisco

Maxine's IQ

Librul tax hike

socialism=zero dollars

deBlasio communist


Does your dog bite?


Tide pods and condoms

Voted for Hitlery



Hitlery has fallen

There is no hell

… which brings us to:

No hell - hell no


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Special Walkout Edition

This week it appears that K-12 teachers in more and more states looked at the recent high school walkouts intended to stamp out the 2nd Amendment and said, “Hold my cigarette butt—we can do that too!” Is it a coincidence that there is a crescendo of clearly organized “Resistance” efforts going on right now: the green jihad against Scott Pruitt, the “refugee caravan” making its way north through Mexico, the teacher walkout for higher pay. Now personally I like the K-12 teacher walkout, and wouldn’t mind if they didn’t come back, for the same reason I was always in favor of sex education in the public schools: if the schools try to teach about sex, then nobody will know how to do it. Oh, and we also learned this week that PETA has more mass shooters among its members than the NRA. Heh.

Teacher Walk Out



Hat tip – Steven Hayward:


Hard to swallow


Trump's paperboy

And now, in closing:

(This one is for you, “Dr. Mc”.)

Trump to the left-Brexit to the right


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  1. Bud Sansbury 07/04/2018 — 11:35

    FULLOFSHITICUS. i bet that DNA results would indicate that he has numerous kin in DC and HollYwood, such notables BULLSHITICUS, HORSESHITCUS and we can’t forget MAXINE DON’TKNOWSHITICUS. Still laughing.
    Love the PETA followers now have more mass shooters than the NRA. I’m pretty sure the Tide Pods that are being snorted are new and unused, but I’m curious about the condoms. New, slightly used, recently used, or in use at the moment the Snorter inhales???? Ask them to post pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Of all of the kin to Schmuck Schumer, the most appropriate in your list is the one for Mad Maxine!

      Re the Tide pod eaters/condom snorters – and the news media thinks these idiots should determine our gun laws?!?!? Really?!?!

      It’s a good thing we’ve got WWII behind us because we couldn’t count on the current generation to defend us!


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