Jerry Mander – Old Hitlery Between Two Ferns – The Video

Jerry Mander

The Counter-ResistanceOld Hitlery* Between Two Ferns

* Old Hitlery is a Registered Trade Mark ®™ of the DNC. Both Old Hitlery & the DNC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of George Soros.

Hat tip: “Ricky M”
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God vs. Hiltery 1

God vs. Hitlery 2





… which reminds us of this oldie but goodie …

Honest politician

… speaking of prostitutes …



Trump's dog

Trump Capitalism





Kavanaugh-CB Ford Polygraph



Kavanaugh victim

Branches of government



Kavanaugh-wake up


Corner where Libruls live




Jay Z-Che





Winnie:Union Jack
Weekly Winston

These moving scenes of the funeral of Winston Churchill are accompanied by the hymn tune Thaxted the English composer Gustav Holst, based on his own stately theme from the middle section of the Jupiter movement of his orchestral suite The Planets and named after Thaxted, the English village where Holst resided much of his life. Holst adapted the theme in 1921 to fit the patriotic poem I Vow to Thee, My Country by Cecil Spring-Rice but that was as a unison song with orchestra. It did not appear as a hymn tune called Thaxted until his friend Ralph Vaughan Williams included it in Songs of Praise in 1926.

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And now, in closing:

Vote in November


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  1. that's jack 01/10/2018 — 08:23

    The last graphic is a fact Jack!

    Thanks for putting a needed education in perspective!

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  2. The dems have mocked the system by producing fabrications against an innocent and real rape victims. The sad truth is an evil woman can destroy a man claiming this 4-letter word RAPE.

    Liked by 1 person

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